About RocketSciRick

There's this guy, known as "RocketSciRick", who is really a half-breed between aerospace technologist and computer scientist. People outside aerospace insist he is a rocket scientist. Within aerospace disciplines, he can be among peers or be one of the learners in the room.

So much for speaking of myself in the third person. Am I really a rocket scientist? It depends how you define it.

In the most narrow sense, a rocket scientist is someone who deals with the chemistry or metallugy, or the design and fabrication of rocket engines. That is, the person is a propulsion scientist or engineer. Me? I study flight systems and trajectories, and compute the impact that a rocket engine has on a vehicle. I sometimes explain phenomena to other technical and non-technical folks.

Early versions of this website were devoted to conceptual explanations of rocket technology, orbital mechanics, etc.

Alas, people have been pulling me into the chemistry and engineering lately... However, I insist on keeping all my toes and fingers. I try to perfect the modeling and simulation of rockets so that my friends can keep their toes and fingers as well.